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Occidental College Men's Basketball
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         Frequently Asked Questions

 What’s a normal day at Occidental Basketball Camp look like?

Our camp runs Monday through Friday from 1:15 pm - 5:15 pm. There is very little down time. Here’s a rough outline of what you can expect.
  • Check In
  • Warm Up
  • Stationary and Full Court Ball Handling
  • Teaching Station Round 1. (Four 8-Minute Segments)
  • Controlled 3-on-3 With a Point of Emphasis
  • Teaching Station Round 2 (Four 8-Minute Segments)
  • 3-on-3 Tournaments
  • Review of the Day’s Learning Concepts
  • Pickup at 5:15 pm
We take four short water breaks and one 10-minute snack break at 3:15 pm.

 How are groups and teams divided?

We place campers in groups based on age and skill level. We are often able to put friends with friends if they have similar ability.

 Do you have group or sibling discounts?

We give a 10 percent discount for siblings and 10 percent off for multiple session sign-ups.

 Is the gym air-conditioned?

We do not have air conditioning in the gym, but we do have two large fans that help with ventilation. We also use the adjacent outdoor hoops and have six portable baskets, giving us a total of 14 total baskets for maximum repetition.

 Can I stay to watch my child participate in camp?

Of course you can. Many parents drop off and return a few minutes prior to 5:15 pm to watch some of the 3-on-3 competitions at the end of the day.

 What is the age limit / requirement?

Our sessions of camp in the summer are 8-16 year-old boys and girls.

 If I miss a day, can I make it up during another session?

Yes, we are completely flexible and encourage all campers to get their five days of basketball in.

 What are my payment options?

We encourage you to reserve your spot ahead of time by registering and paying online on this website, but you can also download the application and mail in a check to Brian Newhall at 1600 Campus Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90041.

 What’s your coach-to-camper ratio?

In general, we have somewhere between 80-100 campers and 12-14 coaches, providing small group learning opportunities.